Juliette Esajas
Your Natural Best

During the “IMPACT INTENSIVE “ VIP day, I accelerated to certain insights with regard to my business. Choices that I struggled with for weeks, now became clear in 1 day. Finally I thought “this is it”. With a few clear and manageable steps Erica brought me back on track. In that respect, the program was exactly what I need.


Else Marijke Iburg
IQ Coach

Participating in the one of Erica's business trainings was one of the best decisions in 2014. The motivation, inspiration and energy Erica brings into the course, made that I could begin 2015 with a solid business plan. Erica ensures that you’re not satisfied with half measures and that you find your own solutions. She encourages you to step out of your comfort zone, think as a business owner and be pro-active. I encourage everyone who has plans to launch a business to make this first investment in a business training from Erica. I’ve learned a lot. Erica, it was great working with you.


Rosalind Julen
My Best Friend Rose

Erica van Engel (Erica the Angel) makes her name ring true because she entered my life at exactly the right moment. For quite some time I had said I wanted to restart my company, but that I did not want to do this on my own. From day one I knew I had hit the mother lode. Apart from the quality of the business training she also gave empowerment. I still lacked confidence and thanks to her I learned to see myself in a better light. She also sees the bigger picture just like I do. When – just like me – you only want to work with the best and are capable of accepting critical feedback then Erica is THE one. She has so much experience and knowledge. Several times I have already asked her when she is going to write her ‘ Been there, done that’ book for entrepreneurs who wrestle with all sorts of questions. My wish, for now, is to hire Erica as coach for a whole year.


Sonja Feenstra
Women Invest

As CEO of my own company Woman Invest I worked with Erica in a 1-on-1 Impact Intensive Strategy Day. The day was very well organised. Erica’s approach is extremely thoroughly. Everything was completely geared to Woman Invest and how I could improve my success. I experienced the fact that we addressed strategy for a whole day, as very challenging. Normally I operate according to the heat of the moment, and thoughts about aspects of strategy tend to be short and at the back of my mind. Now I was forced to extensively think about many aspects at the same time and in combination with each other. This was very effective for me.


Beryl Valpoort
Sweet Lifestyle

Erica is tremendously experienced and thinks along with you. She always gives more than necessary. An attitude which ensures that I have the courage to also discuss the confrontational and difficult issues within my company. Subsequently, she knows the right tools and steps to help you along. In the dialogue, she is straightforward and realistic where needed, but you feel that she always grants you your growth. She is a true professional with whom I like to work with for a long time.



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