Why The Hell Did I Start This?

I’m writing this post after postponing the launch of this website for the 10th time. Again there were things not good enough and things were not working the way I wanted. I was getting tired of all the problems and because I lost focus, my mind went open for the thought: “Why The Hell Did I Start This Business???”

Do these words ever cross your mind when struggling in your business and you have to handle all the stress? Especially when you’re about to start a new business or new project. Well, they cross my mind a few times a day when things aren’t going the way I planned them.

Happily, I learned to switch my mind and start replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. It really keeps me going. 

I advise you to do the same.

When you feel overwhelmed and ready to quit, think of all the trouble you already went through. Think of all the beautiful things ahead of you. But most of all, think about your purpose. The reason WHY you...

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